Dear Loan Brokers we want to help your business!

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Dear Loan Brokers,

Loan Brokers you can save your clients $1000’s on their loan using our credit repair or inquiry removal service absolutely FREE! Get Any Client’s Credit Score Boosted Literally Overnight… Free!

Attention all loan brokers!!! We want to help your business by offering to boost any of your client’s FICO scores absolutely free. Bring us your any one of your bad credit apps and we’ll work our magic. But hurry, we can only offer this to the first 10 loan brokers who respond to this limited time offer.

As a Loan Broker here are your benefits of using our credit repair or inquiry removal service.

  • It Will Skyrocket Your Fund/Close ratio!
  • Close Un-fundable “Basket Case” Loans
  • Boost FICO Scores Into Your Sweet Spot
  • Fast Results (many files are done in 48 hrs)
  • Loan Brokers Save Your Clients $1000’s on their Loan!
  • Receive Hot Referrals From Happy Clients
  • Get an “Industry Best” price rate (Volume Pricing)
  • Earn Extra Income By Marking Up Our Services to other Loan Brokers

What Would It Mean For Your Business To Close Every Bad Credit Loan App?

We have 3 great strategies to BOOST your client’s FICO score like a rocket.

Our most common Tactic is “Hard Credit Inquiry” removal.

Did you know that each inquiry costs your clients up to 5 points on your report?

These inquires can have a dramatic effect on lowering your client’s credit score, practically dragging them through the mud…

The good news is our work often results in an almost immediate boost to your client’s credit score. In fact, many clients experience results in 48 hours or less!

With Our Free Offer Its 100% No Risk To Try Us

You Must Call 424-328-0405 To Reserve Your Spot!

We can only offer this to the first 10 Loan Brokers who respond to this limited time offer.

There is nothing to lose by taking us up on our Free Credit Repair offer. You will be amazed at how fast we can boost your client’s credit score. Over the years we have removed thousands of “Hard Inquiry” items (over 150K ) from credit reports in fact, it’s our specialty…

Our strategies will boost your client’s credit faster than steroids but it’s 110% legal. That’s because we go the extra mile to protect you and your clients. Don’t take a chance with other companies, use a partner you can trust. You don’t have take our word for it. We have 1000’s of client testimonials to back it up and an iron-clad 3 year guarantee on our work.

How Many More Loans Could You Sign This Month as a Loan Brokers? This Year?

With our clean as a whistle reputation, there is simply no reason to risk your business working with any other Credit Repair company whose tactics may not be exactly legal. Companies come and go in this business but CreditRepairCo.net has stood the test off time.

Why Credit RepairCo.net?  

You can call our other Loan Brokers that work with us.

  • A Stellar Reputation
  • Over 8 years in Business
  • 150k+ Hard Inquiries removed
  • 60k+ Negative Items removed
  • Nearly 10,000 Satisfied Clients including other Loan Brokers
  • 1000’s of Happy Client testimonials
  • More Than 2,000 likes on Facebook
  • An Unheard of 3 Year “Clean Credit” Guarantee

What’s more, our Credit Repair service is tailored to your business. We can work behind the scenes as a private-label partner and volume based pricing is available. Order as many or as little of our services as you need to get the client funded. Then either mark up our services or pass them on to the client as is in your processing fee. In other words…

Our Special Offer & 3yr Guarantee Means it’s 110% Risk Free To Try Our Credit Repair Service

You Must Call Now 424-328-0405 to Reserve a Spot! Let others loan brokers know about us.

Effortless Referral Bonus for Loan Brokers –  Get 50% off your first 10 Hard Inquiry removals, a $250 retail value. To qualify just send this email to 3 other Loan Brokers who you think will benefit from our service — CC our email at  [email protected] so we can track your referral from other Loan Brokers.

Do it, this is a real “No Brainer!



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