How To Improve your Credit Score tips and tricks from CEO of a Credit Repair Company

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How To Improve your Credit Score

If your credit score needs a boost, there are ways to make this happen. However, you should know that these things don’t happen overnight. Credit scores take a little bit of time to come up to standard. It could take weeks, months, or even years to get a good credit score. If you have an excellent credit score, you’ll still receive the same perks as someone with a good credit score. A credit score is the compilation of your credit behaviors, and this is visible on your credit report. There are few steps to take to improve your credit score; this step will help keep your credit score in a good position.

  • Watch Those Credit Card balances!

Watching your credit balance is one of the major factors to improving your credit score. To improve your credit score, you need to watch your credit card balance means how much spending versus your revolving credit. If that percentage is reduced, then it will help your credit score improve. To improve your credit score, you need to pay to keep your credit balance as low as possible. If you have multiple credit cards with credit balances, combining them with a personal loan can help your credit score improve. The rule is to keep your balance as low as 30% and to do this, you need to increase your monthly payment, request for an increase on your credit limit and do not close your card after your payment is complete (keep them open)!

  • Eliminate Credit Card Balance Before Reporting Date!

Eliminating your credit card balance before reporting date is another technique to improve your credit score. If you have small balances on a few credit cards, you need to pay them off to improve your credit score before reporting date. Check your credit card statement to locate your credit card statement dates. Normally the date of the end of you statement is your reporting date. On this date your balances will be reported to credit bureaus. Your score considers your credit balance on your credit cards. Your best solution to this strategy is to gather and pay off all the balances on before they get reported to credit bureaus. That way your credit report remains perfect!

  • Leave Old Accounts On Your Report!

Don’t try to get the old accounts off your credit report; if you do that, you will keep decreasing your credit score instead of increasing it. You may believe that your old accounts on your credit report is bad but what you don’t know is, each time you take down an old debt on your credit report you end up hurting your credit score. The more you have a history of good debt, the better your credit score.

  • Pay Bills On Time!

Your payment has a significant influence on your credit score. When you pay your bills on time, you keep your credit score stable. On time payment like your rent, utility bill, phone service bills should be paid promptly. Your credit report determines your credit scores. If your credit report shows records of late payment of bills, then you should not be expecting a good credit score.

If you apply for a mortgage or credit card, you will be a victim of the hard credit inquiry. Your creditor will undoubtedly need some financial information from you, and this can only be done through hard credit inquiry. Having too many credit inquiries could have a negative impact on your credit score. Hard credit inquiry can pull down your credit score by up to 5 points. However, credit inquiries only have an effect on your score for the first year, and after two years it disappears from your credit report. If you need to boost your credit score the fastest way to do it will be by removing hard credit inquiries off your credit report.



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