7 Secrets to How to Boost Your FICO Score and Get Approved For a Home Loan

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If you have applied for a home loan, getting approval can be a challenge if you have a low FICO score. The FICO score is a reflection of your credit. When it comes to credit score, lenders have a simple formula: the better your credit score is, the less risk you pose. This is why people with a strong FICO score don’t find it difficult to be approved for a home loan. The FICO score is calculated by assessing your payment history, types of credit lines availed and other such factors.


There are several ways you can boost credit score by improving your FICO score and get approved for a home loan. Here are 7 secrets for doing so:

  • Analyze Your Credit Report

The first thing you need to do is obtain a copy of your credit report and analyze it. People don’t check their credit report regularly. There can be some mistakes that can hurt your credit score in the long run. This is why you should analyze your credit report and whether there are any mistakes that may have damaged your FICO score.

  • Report Inconsistencies

Report any inconsistencies you find in your credit report to the agency you obtained it from. They will look into it and make the necessary changes.

  • Pay Bills on Time

Late payments have a devastating impact on the credit score. If you haven’t been making payments on time, it will take considerably credit repair to rectify the damage. So, make it a point to pay your bills on time. You can ensure all your payments are made on time by setting up payment reminders. This way, you will be notified when a bill is due.

  • Don’t Use Your Credit Card

This is one step you should take right away. Stop using your credit cards till any outstanding debts have been paid off. With a credit card in hand, people can’t help but spend. Just because you aren’t using your credit card doesn’t mean you cancel it. Moreover, avoid applying for a credit card when you don’t actually need a new one. Both these actions have a negative impact on your FICO score.

  • Remove Credit Inquiries

Most people are not aware of the fact that credit inquiries on their credit report can hurt their FICO score. This can come to bite you when you apply for a home loan. In fact, the lender you have selected for the loan will conduct a fresh inquiry, which will further lower your FICO score. Hence, it is important that all past credit inquiries are removed.

  • Balance Negative and Positive Items

You have to ensure there is a balance between the negative and positive items on your credit report. If the negative items outweigh the positive ones, your FICO score will be low. Restoring parity will boost your FICO score and enhance your chances of being approved for a home loan.

  • Spend Wisely

Last, but not the least, you have to assess your spending habits and be more careful with money in the future. Keep in mind that the more you spend, the more you will owe. Curb spending and you can bring your credit under control. This is perhaps the most pertinent of all secrets to boost your FICO score.

These are the 7 secrets to credit repair by improving your FICO score. If you feel this is too much work, get in touch with a credit repair company and they will do it for you.



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