Ground Rules

Purchasing tradelines is paramount to renting credit. Your request to rent credit and our referring you to businesses who will rent it to you is an undefined “grey area” where, as far as we know, there doesn’t seem to be specific laws that define the legality of it. The same thing is true for inquiry removal and some aspects of credit repair. As you are knowingly and actively seeking to operate in this type of undefined area, YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT the risks that come with that decision. You cannot blame anyone else but yourself if the laws change, the credit bureaus change their scoring formulas or the way they manage data, or anything else happens that modifies the future benefit that you will receive from our current services.

By asking to be referred and ordering service after being informed of this, you are inherently admitting that you understand and accept those risks. Don’t try to use the system to your benefit and then complain about the results if something changes in a way that you don’t like. Through our referral program, we offer you our consulting and expertise to refer you to providers of the services you are seeking — nothing more.


Don’t do it. Period. While we are not a credit provider, do not have the time or the technology to analyze the information you provide us (we just pass it on), do not participate in any decisions of whether or not to rent you credit, and do not become involved in any of the business that you conduct with the vendors we refer you to (our role is solely to refer you to vendors you should be able to trust), we will adamantly quash any issues of identity theft/fraud that we uncover and report you! Identity theft is a crime and it damages innocent people’s lives. We will simply not be party to or associated with that type of activity and you should be smart enough to not either. Don’t be an idiot. Protect yourself by only providing us with your correct personal information, including your correct social security number. We do not want to work with “CPNs” and will not help you do things you shouldn’t. So, don’t expect it or even ask!


The businesses we refer you to for tradelines report directly to the credit agencies on a monthly basis. When they report, the data is submitted to the credit agencies and, at that point, we’ve completed our job. Beyond that, the reporting process and timeline is out of our control. There is usually a variance in the time it takes the credit agencies to integrate data from different batches submitted to them, depending on the backlog of data that they have to deal with from the millions of other organizations submitting data and/or whether the credit agencies decide to do a quality control review of the data before completing their integration process.

Further than the facts above, let us share that there are also issues created by the different report generating companies, due to the software they use to obtain data from the credit agencies. and the majority of other online report providers out there who generate soft inquiries are notorious for this. Additionally, even some of the broker-level reports which generate a hard inquiry also have issues with not getting the latest data when furnishing a report. Your updated data can be integrated with all of the credit agencies’ databases, but the report provider’s report generating mechanisms not be obtaining the most updated batch of data from any one or more of those credit agencies. (As an example, we had a group of six friends submit orders at the same exact time and everyone except two of the group saw all their lines posted in five days. The other two didn’t have their lines show up on one bureau for an additional five days. Strange, but true.) When this does happen, it usually works itself out in a matter of days. Unfortunately, it’s just one of the unavoidable parameters of doing business in the credit industry and it is entirely out of our control.

As such, for flexibility reasons, we market that “accounts typically appear on credit reports within 7 to 21 days after reporting, but can take up to 30 days or more.” Openly, while we consistently hit our 7 to 21 day timeline, we’d rather tell clients 30 days, so that we don’t get calls in 4 to 5 days, as usually happens. We reserve the right to charge you an additional $2,500, if you abuse our time by constantly calling to ask about the status of your accounts. Patience is critical and appreciated


We DO NOT do credit repair. We only act as a referral source to vendors that do. Through our years of experience in the financial industry, we know people and organizations who provide some pretty amazing and creative services. We can outline several different services and programs that are offered by vendors that pass our due diligence processes and are identified as honest vendors doing positive things for the public. If you are interested in working with any of these vendors, we are happy to pass any request for assistance on to them on your behalf, but cannot an will not guarantee results, as we do not control the work product.


While it is a legitimate question to ask how much your score will change, answering it can be daunting. The fact is that there’s no perfect way to calculate the change in score you will experience from any of the services that the vendors we know offer. A credit report is like a fingerprint. Generally, each one is unique to a person . . . different types of credit, different length of history, different types of creditors, different credit limits, different ratio or debt to available credit, and on and on. As a result, the impact of adding tradelines, removing inquiries, or doing credit repair varies. The key to the issue is the credit already on an individual’s report and the scoring formula used as a result to calculate your score.

Your exact scoring is controlled by closely-guarded multiple regression algorithms (mathematical formulas) which no one outside of the bureaus have been able to exactly duplicate, although many credit report providers have tried. Each bureau has its own scoring formulas, which are considered proprietary and are not disclosed. And, each bureau uses one of their many different scoring formulas for you at any given time depending on your credit profile at the time your score is requested.

With that explanation given, we cannot control and DO NOT GUARANTEE your exact point change. Because of the high number of variables involved, we just don’t have the power to do that and neither do the businesses we refer you to for the help you are requesting.


Unfortunately, we have to discuss the issue about payment due to a few past clients wanting to hijack control of our process or get free service. To do so, some clients have purchased by check or credit card, asked us to refer them to businesses for reporting of their tradelines, and then immediately afterward turned around and stopped payment or requested a chargeback. Kindly, these were all cases of fairly ignorant thinking. Logically, if we know people that can an add positive things to a credit record, obviously we know people that can add negative things. While, in the end, we will always prevail and get payment for the referral services we render — whether by simple conversation or engaging our legal counsel — those actions consume time, which could be better spent on other things.

As such, we are forced to have a policy in place to protect our interests from frivolous and unfounded activity. If you bounce a check or stop payment to us, request a chargeback, or are late with any promised payment to us, we will report these negative instances to Chex Systems and/or the credit bureaus and charge you additional $2,500. We are not in the collections business and will not deal kindly with those clients who force us to spend our time doing collections. Attempt to take advantage of us or usurp control or our business processes at your own peril. We are a real corporation whose business model is built on providing superior opportunities to those who want more out of life. We do what we say we’re going to do and expect you to do the same. Period.


Do not contact the companies that become listed on your credit report as a result of the tradeline process or any of the other companies we refer you to unless approved in writing by us. You should direct any and all questions, concerns, etc. to us, so that we may refer you to the appropriate party and have them approve your contact. If you break this rule, you hereby agree to have the business we refer you to cease the work you have requested and return your credit report to a previous condition of their choosing, without refunding any of your payment. They will do so without hesitation or remorse, so please follow the rules.



If order was less then $1,000 the refund will be processed back to the same credit/debit card. Please allow up to 2 weeks to process. If order was over $1,000 the refund will be mailed in form of check to the address provided, Please allow up to 4 weeks to process.

DISCLAIMER: One is solely a referral source, not a financial services or credit repair company



Feel free to contact our customer service for free support at 424-234-FICO (3426)