The reason that you got my invitation is because you are very special person to me.
I want to share with you what I have been up to…
As you all know about my separation with my wife.
I came to participate in Landmark forum to ease the pain of brake up.
However the outcome of what I got out of the forum has exceeded my expectations.

Here are the top 10 benefits/breakthroughs that I got out of the forum.

1. I realized that I am a selfish, stubborn, fearful human that is lying my way through life with out any consideration for others. Not too bad HA? LOL
2. I became aware of my character defects and how to leave with them and be comfortable in my own skin.
3. I changed my listening habits.
4. I recognized the power of leaving life with integrity.
5. I was able to reconnect with my parents and my brother and became complete with all the issues from the past.
6. I realized how much my past was shaping my present and my future.
7. I lost my fears and regain my interest in life.
8. I forgave myself and realized that I love every one and that my love is universal.
9. I realized that giving in order to get something is nothing but creating taking. )))
10. Did I tell you that my business has doubled and keeps on growing every month since my participation in Landmark?
Well the reason why I put the financial benefit as the last one is because at one point in life I had a lot of money but was VERY, VERY unhappy.

I have experienced that REAL happiness comes from selfless acts, from serving others.

This is only small portion of benefits that I personally gain from participation in a Landmark forum and Landmark Advanced course.

My participation in Landmark can be considered an adventure of a lifetime.

Oh my god… did I tell you that I’ve met the coolest people there?

You owe it to yourself and you deserve it.

I want to invite you to an introduction to Landmark forum that will be held in my office @

111 W Ocean blvd #400, Long Beach, CA, 90802
on August 23rd at 5 pm till 8 pm

There will be an opportunity to register into The Landmark Forum, so you may want to bring your calendars to look at upcoming dates. The Landmark Forum costs $550.00 and they accept cash, check or credit cards.

Please reply and I will make you a name tag.
Also, feel free to bring people that you care about with you.

…So, that…what you just read came from my hart.
Bellow, you can read professionally written content that should give you better view of what to expect.

P.S. When I came in for the Forum I was so pissed and then it just BANG…BANG…I felt my breakthroughs. Its hard to explain but it was awesome!!!

Would you like to come?


Your friend Dmitry Malyshev.




The Landmark Forum is a powerful conversation that is designed to provide
breakthroughs in your life. What I mean by breakthroughs is something that you are
committed to, want to have happen, you may or may not know how to have it
happen, and it is unpredictable. For example, if you have already lost ten pounds
and you are on your way to losing ten more and you already know it is going to
happen, then that is not a breakthrough. A breakthrough, if it happened, would
really improve the quality of your life. Your life would be impacted positively.
Breakthroughs in The Landmark Forum happen in many different areas of people’s
lives: all across the board, everywhere in people’s lives. Landmark Education actually
did a survey and there are many areas that we know people have had very strong,
positive results. I’m going to touch the top five areas so you get an idea of what
happens for people.

People in The Landmark Forum have enormous breakthroughs in their relationships,
their ability to communicate and resolve things, to work things out. In The
Landmark Forum, people resolve issues they have literally had for 10, 20, or 30
years. They get back in communication with people they haven’t talked to for many
years right there during the weekend. It’s very inspiring. You can really have your
relationships be off the charts and amazing.

The second area people have breakthroughs in is in their confidence, and the ability
to translate their intentions and their commitments into reality. For example, people
wanting to start their own business and never have. Like I have always wanted to
take on my body and I never did. Out of doing The Landmark Forum, I really took
on my body and just stopped letting it go. That was a big, big deal for me, because
that was one of the most difficult areas of my life. I had really given up.
The third area is being effective and productive, really making things happen in life.

I am a mover and shaker and an effective person. One of the things that got in my
way is I get very dramatic. One thing I got really powerfully in The Landmark Forum
was how to get back into action in my life. My productivity has gone straight up
since I’ve participated in The Landmark Forum, and it is obvious by my results.

The fourth area is making the right choices and pursing what’s important to you –
really going after those things you want. Sometimes you have to go after things to
actually figure out what you want, because what you think you want may not always
be what you really want. Getting that really clear, what it is that you really want,
what is it that really empowers you, really gets apparent for people in The Landmark
Forum. They start to see what the choices are that they really want to make, and
they take on looking at different things that might work for their lives.

The last area is living life fully, giving it everything you’ve got. When you go to bed
at night, you sleep like a baby because you totally went for it in life.