Hello influencer,

We have two collab options

  1. We can do a free credit repair for you or someone you know and you can post about the journey. 
  2. We can create a link that tracks leads coming from your posts and figure pay per lead price based on the he leads quality.

Please let me know what works best for you.

We would like you to post weekly because the amount of work involved into a credit restoration is enormous.

Let’s start posting about your credit journey. Stories, Reels, Posts on IG, FB, TikTok etc

Talk about how good we are. See some reviews here and here. Here is our youtube

Just make a few posts about where you are now and what/how it happened and introduce our company. You can get more info about us here. Please add “contact us” link to your link-tree and into your posts where you can.

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Please tag us in all of your posts so we can see your work. 

Also, as a part of the collab please post about worldclassadvice.com where ANYONE can go and get a lot of great free advice on different topics. We filmed over 200 videos already, and the information we gathered is very valuable because every person we film has a lot of experience on the topic. This is my non-profit company and we need to get traction.

Please tag us in all of your posts so we can see your work. 

This is our credit repair process:

– As soon as we get a credit monitoring website login information we conduct credit evaluation determining what items we need to work on.

After all required information (copy of driver license, SS card and utility bill) sent to us our credit repair specialist will start working on your file. Our credit repair specialist needs to gather all of your account information and reach out to each company this can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks. Once all of the information has been gathered the disputes will be sent to the credit bureaus. 

– It can take up to 45 days to receive results back once the credit bureaus have received the disputes for each round. 

– When will you see results? The first and second round are usually the toughest. Some accounts are easier to remove and some accounts take multiple rounds to be removed. For example Bankruptcies, Student Loans, Mortages, Amex, Discover are examples of more difficult accounts that take multiple rounds to be removed. 

-Sometimes some items may come back 20-30 days after they were removed.

Do not worry if it is normal. Sometimes it will take 6+ rounds of disputes to remove them permanently. 

-There is no magic wand when it comes to credit repair. All we can do is diligently work on all of the negative items applying the best strategies for those particular negative items.

Our goal is to remove most if not all negative items from your report in 4 rounds of disputes or 5 months however we can’t guarantee it.

Our average percentage of deletions is 90% after 3 rounds of disputes.

– Also we work on other credit bureaus that you might not be aware of. If you have public records we will be contacting LexisNexis and or Innovice as well and some others depending on type of your negative items.

Please forward us any information that you receive from them via mail or email. 

– Please try not apply for anything while we are repairing your credit this will put a stop to the disputes that are we sending out.