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About us

We offer Credit repair which is the process of correcting a bad credit report, for whatever circumstance it is recognized in the first place. It may be as simple as fixing problems with the credit agencies. Identity theft may require hardcore credit repair work.

About us: A good company can remove least positive items from your credit report and help boost your FICO score, making it easier to obtain a house, vehicle, mortgage, or insurance policy. Most credit repair companies work in the following way whereas they obtain your credit report from all 3 major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union).

We are also providing our service ranging from big companies on top, small businesses in the middle and also students as well. We have a mix of these clients, where we treat all of them equally no matter what their capacity and loan amount is. We mainly do the consulting part on credit inquiries that too on hard credit inquiries.

Businesses require a considerable amount of capital to fund startup expenditures or pay for expansions. So in the process, companies take out business loans to obtain the financial assistance they need. A business loan is debt that the company is bound to repay according to the loan’s terms and conditions and we here do the brokering part.

Credit inquiries are requests by a registered business to check their credit levels. As far as their FICO score is considered, credit inquiries are classified as either “hard inquiries” or “soft inquiries” – only hard inquiries have an influencing factor on your FICO score. We here look in to the hard inquiry side of the classification.

about us
About Credit Repair Co.

Hard inquiries are inquiries where a future probable lender is reviewing your credit because you’ve applied for credit with their company. These include credit checks when you’ve requested for an auto loan, mortgage or credit card facility. Each of these types of credit checks are being categorized as a single inquiry where none of them are inter-related.

Many people tend to over focus on removing credit inquiries when their reports are full of delayed payments, collection accounts, or even a forward closure. In these cases, you might want to hold off on your attempts to remove inquires until after you have successfully removed some of the bigger inquiries on your credit report. But, if you are tackling your alternative credit issues, it doesn’t hurt to affect this problem, too.

If in case you have other negative items on your credit report that badly needs to be dealt with, you may consider hiring a credit repair company which is the best and the safest option. You probably don’t want to do that if you’re just performing on removing hard credit inquiries but if there are other issues then a professional expertise can help expedite the process and save you tons of time and dollars of money dealing with your creditors on the phone and through letters or even online. Contact today to find out more about us.


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